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6 Advantages Of Using Android

 If you are doubting and do not know that OS is the best; this is the perfect opportunity to convince you to use Android, here are six reasons to use Android.


Android allows greater customization of all the OS on the market. For users (current and future) the possibility of customizing their devices is almost infinite; they can install different wallpapers, animations, widgets and skins. Additionally, Android allows you to choose the application of your choice to develop any task. Click on the link for more info:

Diversity Of Devices

Android is the most used operating system in the world, in its list of manufacturers, are Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei, LG, etc. Given the above, all users (current and future) can have a wide range (low, medium and high) of devices that offer different features and costs.

Android Community

Because Android is a free and open-source Operating System, there is a large community where the modification, customization and improvements of the original ROMs give us many possibilities for development and updating, with alternative versions to the Official Systems.


The fact that Android is released with an Apache license and open source makes it a completely free operating system so that a developer can not only modify their code but also improve it. You can open source guarantees that, when there is a bug, it is noticed and solved very fast as there is no right obstacle to know inside or rely on someone to request for access to change it.

Integration With Google

Total integration with the different services offered by (Youtube, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Talk, Google Plus, Reader, Google Calendar, Google Map, Blogger, etc.) could be more than enough for many Users decide the choice of Android as an Operating System in their terminal.


Luckily, neither men nor women are limited to doing one thing at a time, but we can do multiple things being something indispensable. Android with its multitasking program is able to manage several open applications at once leaving the ones which are not in use in suspension and close them in case they are almost not relevant to run from memory consumption. In the same way that in daily life, we ​​are persuaded to perform several duties at the same time, we cannot afford that our stress partner doesn’t have this essential function.

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