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6 Tips to Follow when Working with Product Page SEO

Apart from the product page optimization for user experience, you want to ensure that these pages are as effective as possible for SEO services in Singapore too. This article enlists less than obvious tips on how to work with product page SEO.

The elementals

  • Put up a great title that aligns with the product name. It should include manufacturer’s name if it is applicable. For instance, if your product is a tiny part of a large machine, then you can include the SKU too. Sometimes, the users go specific too.
  • Add an accurate and unique description of the product. Mostly, it usually doesn’t come shipped with the manufacturer’s details on the product. Those details can be used on many websites which is eventually duplicate content and a low quality website for Google. Stay away from duplicate content because of manufacturer details every time. If your content is unique and content on other websites isn’t, then it is not unique at all. Consider that very seriously. Always create unique content. Google always keeps an eye on you.
  • Add a catchy meta description. Generally, a product page is loaded with general information ranging from dimensions to the terms of service. To prevent Google using unassociated text in the meta description, you may want to add meta to your product page more than the content pages. All the meta descriptions should be unique.

  • Always choose a catch and easy to remember URL for your product page. Always add SEO optimized and high quality images with proper ALT text.
  • Add the product name in the main product page at least. This comes in handy during visual search
  • UX is an essential part of holistic SEO.

Make your product page loading fast

People are impatient. Longer page loading time costs money. Today, in the mobile centered era, every second matters. So, this means that you are wasting a lot of time and energy to gain potential customer to your product page in the beginning itself. Users need fast loading times and Google does too. so, there is a lot to work on.

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