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How to Increase Inbound Links for Greater Traffic?

Increase inbound links

Any digital marketer or blogger running a website tries to put in place a number of methods to increase inbound links. The reasons why inbound links are important are – increasing backlinks and traffic.

By definition, an inbound link refers to any link that brings traffic from an external website. When digital marketers think of creating ideal inbound links, their go-to method tends to be guest blogging. While most marketers tend to focus on guest blogging only to create backlinks, it is a great vehicle for relevant traffic increase as well.

To increase inbound links, marketers naturally have to create a large number of backlinks. Depending on content to increase traffic is not enough, making inbound links an important part of the puzzle. Take any digital marketing institute in the industry and you’d find entire modules dedicated to teaching link building. From an online training program to a digital marketing course, teaching students how to increase inbound links is commonplace.

In this article, we discuss how inbound links can be increased to add backlinks and improve incoming traffic.

Shortlist Websites with Targeted Search Techniques

Many digital marketers find the process of shortlisting guest blogging websites to be highly tedious. It requires a lot of research and ends up taking too much time. To save time, digital marketers must search for guest blogging platforms through optimal searching techniques.

For example, consider the seed keyword of your website content is ‘content writing’. To search for relevant websites that accept guest bloggers the chance to write content, digital marketers should search the following terms –

  • [target keyword] + “write for us”
  • [target keyword] + “write guest post”
  • [target keyword] + “become a guest poster”
  • [target keyword] + inurl:write-guest-post

Since the seed keyword is ‘content writing’, target keyword can be replaced by the same. This way, digital marketers will be able to find relevant niche websites that accept guest posts. After filtering the websites identified to include only high DA channels, the process of shortlisting is complete.

Write High Quality Content

Approaching guest blogs without having a complete written piece of content is futile. Thus, after the potential websites are shortlisted, marketers should then buckle down and write a guest post that approaches the topic chosen from a unique perspective and covers all the bases a good write-up should.

No website is likely to accept a sub-standard piece of content, especially because it is providing a backlink to the guest blogger in return. So, the quality of the content should be good enough to make sure the website on which the post is being published has no hesitation from doing so.

In Conclusion

This article covers two main ways through which digital marketers can increase inbound links coming to their website.

About the Author – Ankit Patel is a content writer working with years of experience in the field. His current occupation is that of a content writer at, most popular for its singular digital marketing Training in Delhi which focuses on imbibing practical learning skills to students.

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