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How you can Connect Two Linksys Routers for Internet Use

The content describes how users can connect their two Linksys routers to savor access to the internet. The techniques described listed here are easy and reliable. It’s, however, wise that users do as instructed carefully. This can eventually save them from facing problems and calling up Linksys router support for help.

Need assistance interconnecting 2 Linksys wireless devices for internet use? If so, then your article is perfect for you. You might want to extend the plethora of your wireless link with have access to the internet on your house or even the area you’re in. The below pointed out guide can help you carry out the preferred task by yourself and basically without the assistance of Linksys tech support team.


Connect the first router (the one which you need to use because the mainserver router) to the pc utilizing an Ethernet cable. Setup the router inside a proper manner while using right cables. Now you have to configure the router. To do this, open your online browser and kind ‘’ (without quotes so that as is) within the address bar. Hit the Enter button around the keyboard.

Once the router’s login screen pops up, type the admin username and/or password striking the Login or Submit button anything you see there to proceed. Within the router’s interface, highlight the Wireless tab and also the click the Fundamental Wireless Settings sub tab. Note lower the Wireless Network Mode (mixed, g, or b whatever can there be), Wireless Network Name (SSID), along with other info on certificates and it safe as it will likely be needed in next steps.

Click the Wireless Security sub tab after which select Security Mode viz. WEP, WPA or WPA2. Choose pre-shared passkey and kind your password of your liking within the relevant filed. Note lower all of this info on certificates and it aside for more use. Click the Save Settings button and exit the router’s Setup interface.

Now connect the 2nd router (the main one that should be bridged using the server router) towards the second PC utilizing an Ethernet cable. Plug the ability cable in to the power outlet and boot the devices. Once the devices have booted, login towards the router’s interface within the same abovementioned fashion (check third and fourth steps to learn more).

When logged in to the Linksys Setup utility, highlight the Setup tab after which click the Fundamental Setup sub tab. Under Network Setup alongside Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), click to decide on the Disable button to show from the DHCP feature within this router. Because the server (primary) device is going to be by using this feature, it’s not needed to get it enabled within the bridge device.

Highlight the Wireless tab after which hit the Fundamental Wireless Settings sub tab. Click the dropdown menu alongside Wireless Network Mode and choose Client Bridge. Match the settings about this tab towards the settings within the server router. Now click the Wireless Security tab and be sure that the setting complement individuals within the server device.

Highlight the Status tab after which choose the Wireless (sub tab). Hit the website survey button a single article the website Survey dialog box. It’ll display their email list of all of the wireless systems it might find in the region. Locate your network after which click the Join button. Now open your internet browser and appearance regardless of whether you can connect to the web or otherwise. If you fail to, then review and suit your settings exactly to individuals pointed out in the following paragraphs.

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